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When and where will Ovum 2022 be held?
The Ovum 2022 will be held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras from September 6 to 9, 2022

Who can attend Ovum 2022?
Registration is open to anyone interested in Ovum 2022. Check registration fees to see this year's registration fees..

Is simultaneous interpretation service offered during the event?
Ovum 2022 offers interpretation services in several languages during the opening ceremony, the general sessions and the closing ceremony. Most of the parallel sessions will be held in Spanish, but some of them could also offer this service. Check the event program to check which sessions will have a Spanish interpretation service.

What is the temperature in Honduras in September?
In the month of September, temperatures range between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Since the convention center is air-conditioned, consider bringing a light jacket or sweater.

How do I sign up?
Those interested in attending the event can register themselves and their guests online at www.elovum.com/registro.

What is the cost of registration?
Check the complete box of the registration fees, the types of participants, and what your registration includes.

Online cancellation (preferred method)
Cancellation by email: operations@anavih.com
Cancellation by fax: +504 3297-4088
How do I register a guest?
You can add a guest to your registration at www.elovum.com/registro.

I canceled my registration, how can I re-register?
Unfortunately, once the registration is cancelled, it cannot be created again online. If you wish to re-register, you will need to fax or mail the registration and ticket order form.

The current registration fee will apply.

accommodation and transportation
What should I do to book a hotel room and what are your rates per night?
Ovum 2022 offers you different hotels and rates in San Pedro Sula. Click here to see https://elovum.com/TARIFAS-DE-HOTELES.pdf

What transportation will be offered?
Ovum 2022 will provide bus service suitable for people with disabilities, between the official contracted hotels Ovum 2022 and the Convention Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés.

Are there other methods of transportation?
San Pedro Sula has a public transportation system, called the Great Metropolitan Central of San Pedro Sula, the largest and most modern bus terminal in Central America. Taxis and rideshares (including Uber) are also available.


What should I do to obtain a visa to travel to the event?
Go to www.elovum.com/lo-ultimo or visit the Department of Honduras website to find out who needs a visa and when to apply, as well as additional information. Visa information varies by country of citizenship. Ovum 2022 provides consulates and embassies with an up-to-date list of registrants for the event and requests that visas be granted to as many registrants as possible, but the granting of such visas is ultimately up to the Honduran government. Ovum 2022 cannot intervene on behalf of individual registrants.

What immigration requirements are there to enter Honduras?
-Passengers must carry out an electronic migratory pre-registration, establishing the date of entry and exit to the country.
-Immunized passengers must carry the original card that was issued to them at the site of application of the vaccine, which must contain the complete dose schedule, with a time later than 14 days from it’s implementation.
-If you have not been vaccinated, you must upload the result of any test for the detection of COVID-19 accepted in the country: Antigen detection swab and rt-PCR swab. The provision to carry out said test is maintained in a time not greater than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the trip.
-Compliance with biosecurity measures.
-Passengers of South American origin must carry their yellow fever vaccination card

What events can I attend during Ovum 2022?
Convention registration includes the following events:

Opening ceremony: september 6september 6
General Sessions: From September 7 to 9
Parallel sessions: From September 7 to 9
Closing ceremony: September 9
Convention Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés, in the commercial capital of northern Catracho, San Pedro Sula, Honduras from September 6 to 9

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